Design Highlights of 2021

Although I cannot say that 2021 didn’t have its challenges–challenges that we are still facing–I will say that it was a particularly vibrant, creative and busy year for Mast Design! Although many of my projects were of the variety that I refer to as my “bread and butter”–such as kitchens and baths–it was the creative license that my clients gave me that made all the difference in the outcomes!

One of my favorite projects this past year, believe it or not, was a finished basement! Now, you might be saying to yourself, “well, basements aren’t really that glamorous…what is so exciting about a basement??” Well, let me tell you, that this basement project was amazing! My clients were wonderful, open minded, and trusted the design process enough to let me really do my thing! For this project, that meant that we were really able to have some fun with the design elements, while also creating the perfect multi-functional, perfect-for-entertaining and enjoying space.

To create a glamorous and dynamic new fireplace wall, we opened up and installed larger basement windows, installed a sleek new fireplace insert, and then created a Piet Mondrian styled series of platforms and panels made from beautiful, striped Sapele mahogany. Further, the mahogany wall panels were designed with LED strip lighting that made them glow from behind. 

We gave the bar area some extra glamour and visual “punch” by creating openings in the back of the upper cabinets, and placing them, wall-mounted, in front of the existing windows.

Here are a few photos of the finished space!

2021 design highlights
2021 design highlights
2021 design highlights
wine storage

And, finally, what basement space renovation would be complete without an amazing new wine storage area? Sleek custom glass, taupe-colored ledgestone, and (of course) uplit wine bottles are all used to great, dramatic effect in this special feature.

Another project highlight was my clients’ new Master Bath Suite, complete with a fabulous new master bathroom. I hired the amazing Eric Flanagan of MacIntosh Company, in Lewiston, ME to create the gorgeous, custom walnut cabinetry. We took a dark wood panelled room that was largely being used for storage, and created a magnificent, luxurious new bathroom–complete with sliding glass and metal barn doors and a new master closet.

master bath suite
bathroom renovation

Using the new footprint of the room, a large corner shower was installed. The beautiful walnut linen cabinet gave my clients both amazing, ample storage and a way to discreetly visually “shield” the toilet. A half-wall design with glass above makes the shower look and feel very open and luxuriously large! A new window seat bridges the area between the shower and the vanity–providing visual interest, a comfortable and useful “perch” and great storage (in the drawers below.) A palette of soft,fern green, cream and grey (combined with the warmth of the walnut wood) creates a serene, yet sophisticated design scheme.

Another project highlight of 2021 was the transformation of the early 90’s era deck house into an updated, infinitely “liveable” family home. Choosing an updated take on mid-century design, we created a dynamic and fun space–modern in feel, and incredibly comfortable for the family.

Since pictures speak a thousand words, here are a few fun “before and afters!”

kitchen design 2021

In the image above, we see the very dated, red-painted fireplace, and an abundance of oak wood–everywhere. The kitchen footprint feels cramped in the space, and the fireplace wall looks cluttered and lacking any visual distinction. All in all, the impact of this space feels a bit dark, heavy and imbalanced.

In our “after” image, the fireplace wall now has life and dramatic impact. It feels much cleaner, more balanced, and dramatic. The warm charcoal ledgestone brings the wall texture and creates a beautiful contrast with the white plaster and the new wood floors. We used a reclaimed hemlock beam to create the cool, minimalist, u-shaped mantle shelf.

In the next image, shown below, we see another “before” of the area which is now the new kitchen space! We removed all the bookcases, reconfigured the windows, and created a wonderful new space for the new kitchen!

2021 design highlights

As you can see in our next photo, we took this somewhat awkward area, and re-designed it to accommodate our new kitchen! A support column that had to stay was used, ultimately, as a cool design feature. We took beautiful reclaimed heart pine, and wrapped the column in this material, as well as taking it across the rest of the ceiling plane. This detail created a really nice delineation between the new kitchen and the family room/dining area.

dining area
kitchen dining area

The final project I would like to highlight is the transformation of my client’s kitchen in Bedford, MA. Although the kitchen was functional, it was looking very dated–with heavy soffits above the cabinetry, an early 90’s shaped island, and a backsplash with metallic elements. With some small adjustments to the footprint, and some major changes to the cabinetry and island design, we transformed the space from “okay” to “magnificent!”

functional kitchen space
kitchen design tricks pattern
before kitchen area

In our “before” image, above, we see the dated ceramic floor, angled island countertop and the heavy soffiting above the cabinets. Despite it being a big kitchen, the design elements, cabinetry details, and tired, out-dated lighting and appliances made the space feel not very open or bright. 

The only design element that stayed (somewhat) consistent between the old and new kitchen was the yellow walls, and white cabinetry. As you can see, these are small parallels, and our overall new result is completely different. The space now feels SO spacious, bright,and glamorous. And, as far as efficiency and working performance goes, my clients say this kitchen is “genius!”

kitchen design tricks hutch unit

I’m so glad I got to share my 2021 Project Highlights with you! I can’t wait to show you what 2022 has in store!

Stay tuned!

Happy 2022! I’m wishing you all a healthy, happy, and BEAUTIFUL NEW YEAR!!