Mirror Image – Reflecting on Your Interior Space

It can be easy to change a space without overhauling the entire room. One great way to do so is to change what’s hanging on your wall. Photographs are always nice, as are fine art pieces. But another option is to decorate and “expand” a space with mirrors.


Not sure how? Here are some tips for incorporating mirrors into various rooms:

  • Decorate a room by grouping a variety of different sizes and shapes on one wall. The reflection adds depth, and the variety adds a more interesting visual than just one large mirror. Shop antique stores to find some really interesting and unique mirrors, and keep a common thread among them, such as frameless or all gold and silver.
  • Think “off the wall.” Mirrors don’t only have to hang! Place a simple full length mirror on a dining room table for a dramatic table runner.
  • Trifold mirrors, like this one available at Wayfair, can be placed on hutches or dressers to add light and height. Hang jewelry from it for a functional yet elegant addition, or put candles in front for an extra romantic glow.
  • “Expand” a room by strategically placing one large mirror on the floor. The reflection will make a tight space instantly feel roomier. This also works well when a mirror is placed to reflect a window. Instant square footage!
  • Smile check. A mirror hanging in an entry way not only makes it appear roomier, but also serves its purpose for a quick last look before heading out the door.
  • Personalize it. Mirrors can easily be personalized by hanging them with a unique ribbon or adding a border such as seashells. It’s easy to do and ensures you have a look that’s all your own.

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and can be used in a variety of ways to lighten up your home. For more inspiration, we really like this Pinterest page.

Happy decorating!