Designing for Romance All Year Round

While Valentine’s Day may be long gone and the buzz about Fifty Shades of Grey is calming down (a little), romance is still very much alive and well. There’s no reason not to keep it top of mind all year round. Here are a few easy tips to help you design a romantic bedroom that keeps love in the air.

  • Texture and the feel of fabrics and furniture surfaces are essential for a romantic mood. Nothing is sexier than comfort – and comfort doesn’t have to be dull. Indulge in silk or satin sheets, beautiful polished wood, and other textures that feel good to the touch.
  • Lighting is the secret ingredient for setting the right mood. Recessed lights that can be dimmed very low to create beautiful ambient lighting can create a nice glow. Don’t be afraid to go “old school” with an array of beautiful scented or unscented candles. (Worried about the actual flame? There are a variety of quality faux candles to choose from these days.) You can place votives on fireplace mantles, within or on a fireplace hearth, or simply around the room on tables, night stands, etc. A single beautiful fixture can also create a source of singular, soft lighting. This Pinterest Board dedicated to Romantic Bedroom Lighting can be a great inspiration!
  • Ethnic or period accents are a great way to create a sensual, imaginative setting for romance. Evoking a romantic time or place can be very sexy. For example, scatter a few small oriental rugs and comfy throw pillow around the room. Choose accents and colors than reinforce the place or time period you are evoking. 30’s and 40’s era Hollywood glamour can be easily conjured using reflective surfaces, mirrors, and lacquered furniture. Animal skins and fur optional! Here’s a video with more tips on creating a Hollywood Glamour bedroom design.

  • For Feng Shui believers, red is the color of passion and love, and adding this color somewhere within your bedroom is believed to enhance romance. Any shade of red, from deep burgundies and wines, to soft petal pink shades will do. Add a touch of these to walls, bedding or pillows. Just a touch will do – you want to evoke romance, not visions of Pepto-Bismol!

We’ve focused on the bedroom in this post, but for more inspiration, you can visit Romantic Homes and get ideas for the entire home. Keep the romance alive!z