Blush Color and Nature Themes Dominate Spring 2015 Interiors

orangeflowerAlthough it doesn’t quite feel like it in the Boston area, today is the first day of Spring! After the winter we’ve had, we are so excited to welcome this new season. It’s a season of renewal and light, changes and growth.

So what color and decorating themes capture the essence of this season? To start, Pantone has released their color trends for Spring 2015, dubbed the “En Plein Air” colors. The inspiration, in their words, “This season, cooler and softer color choices with subtle warm tones follow a minimalistic, en plein air theme, taking a cue from nature.”

In our work, we are seeing a lot of blush pinks, soft sorbet orange and peach tones, and endless shades of blue—from aqua to sky to indigo. Put them together and you can’t help but think of warmth and brightness.

The natural theme continues to be popular and is popping up in other design trends as well this season – wallpapers, lighting fixtures and even furniture shapes are reflecting natural forms and elements. Blossoms and branches are common motifs in rug patterns, wallpapers, lighting fixtures, and more. We are also seeing furniture shaped in more organic forms, reflective of seashells, waves or sand dunes. Perfect for the beach lover!


Here are a few tips for incorporating these new trends into your home for Spring:

  • Paint one or multiple rooms a fresh new color. (See color trend tips above.) Or, use one of the new and lively botanical or floral patterned wallpapers to give a space an instant update.
  • Use mirrors, a piece of lacquered furniture, or accessories with a subtle sheen or glow to brighten the mood in a room.
  • Use a metallic paint to transform an old piece of furniture into something fun, eye-catching and new.
  • Group botanical prints, inexpensive floral images or photographs on a wall. Create a feeling of a curated collection by framing them in similar or complementary frames.
  • Use brightly colored ethnic or citrus-colored geometric or floral tablecloths or large pieces of fabric to wrap a headboard or lay over a nightstand or table top. Instant spring refresher!
  • Bring the outside in: use ferns, daffodils or any favorite Springtime plant or flower and fill a vase, or multiple vases abundantly.

Happy Spring!